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Welcome to the Portuguese Mongolian Association

As early as the 13th century, diplomatic letters were sent from Portugal to the Mongolian Empire. However, diplomatic relations only officially started several centuries later, on 26 July 1974. The two countries then exchanged high ranking visits in 2009 when the Mongolian Foreign Affairs vice-minister visited Portugal and in 2010 when the Portuguese Foreign Affairs minister Luis Amado visited Mongolia. During these visits, the Portuguese and Mongolian governments signed a memorandum to develop their relationship in the education, science, technology and cultural sectors.

Globalisation is shrinking the world, and it is certainly bringing Portugal and Mongolia closer to each other.  Every year many Portuguese are traveling to Mongolia, and every year the number of Mongolians living and studying in Portugal are increasing.  For this reason, we are establishing the Portuguese-Mongolian Association to strengthen the links between the two countries.

The Association has two goals. The first is to promote Portuguese and Mongolian history, culture and traditions, and to organise cultural exchange programmes.  The second goal for this association is to foster trade relations among Portuguese and Mongolian business people.